Program Outline

Welding Foundation Training is for individuals who are not indentured into a formal welding apprenticeship with their employer through the Industry Training Authority (ITA). Foundations (initial level) offered in the Modular Training format.

Welding Apprenticeship Training is for individuals working in the welding industry and who are indentured through a formal agreement between themselves, their employer and the Industry Training Authority (ITA) as a Welder Apprentice.

Watch the video below to hear instructor Bruce Neid explain a little about his program.

Admission Requirements
  1. Grade 12 recommended
  2. English 10 or ENGL 030 or ENGL 032 and Math 10 Essentials, Principles or Applications or MATH 0301/0302 or MATH 032 or GED or Apprenticeship Workplace Math 10, or
  3. Permission of Instructor.

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