Carpentry Foundation students learn to read plans and use instruments, assemble and erect forms for concrete, wood and metal frame construction, and install interior and exterior finishing for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Learners develop carpentry skills while working on practical projects, such as constructing a foundation and frame for a house.

Program Outline

The full-time, 20-week program is based on a major practical project such as building a foundation and house frame using standard platform or timber frame construction. Other projects may include building garden sheds, garages, small cabins and other small structures. Students must be prepared to participate in class projects in an outdoor environment.

If you enroll in the carpentry foundations program, your instructor will be Joe Missere.  See what he has to say by watching the video below!!

Admission Requirements
  • Grade 12 recommended
  • English 10 or ENGL 030 or ENGL 032 AND
  • Math 10 Essentials, Principles or Applications or MATH 0301/0302 or MATH 032 or Apprenticeship Workplace Math 10 (AWM 10), OR
  • Permission of Instructor.

Unless otherwise noted, “Permission of Instructor” may be used to accept a student into a course(s) when the student does not meet course prerequisites and/or does not attain the required threshold on entry assessments. See the “Admission and Registration” section on the Web site for details on this policy.

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